Over Floden’s Complete BATMAN 70th Anniversary Cartoons

Here, at Studio Over Floden in Copenhagen, we’re celebrating Batman’s 70th anniversary. Though every comic book buff knows the Caped Crusader debuted in Detective Comics #27, labelled “May 1939”, we’ve been informed that the issue actually hit the newsstands on April 18th (mind you, we ARE aware that the ACTUAL first picture of Batman appeared in a house ad in Action Comics #12). During the last eight days, each of Studio Over Floden’s members has made a daily salute to the Dark Knight, and as a special service to our international readers, here’s the complete linkage:

Cav Bøgelund
Mårdøn Smet
Peter Kielland
Simon Bukhave
Johan F Krarup
Søren Mosdal
Thomas Thorhauge

Several of the artists listed above contributes to Fantagraphics’ upcoming anthology, From Wonderland With Love. Check it out!

Batman is © copyright DC Comics. Over Floden’s illustrations are produced as hommage, despite the satirical sensibility.


1 Response to “Over Floden’s Complete BATMAN 70th Anniversary Cartoons”

  1. 1 Scott august 3, 2009 kl. 00:15

    wow! these are all very good!

    you might also enjoy a series we’re doing called “the 70 aspects of batman”. it’s all about artists who have drawn batman.


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